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Why JavaScript?

JavaScript must be enabled in your web browser in order to use the website. This is so we may provide you with the most interactive, dynamically engaging and immersive website. Without JavaScript enabled, our web pages will lack functionality for specific purposes. JavaScript is a mature, safe technology that is ubiquitous to the world wide web.  There is no compelling reason it should be disabled for a trusted website.

How to enable JavaScript?

If by chance your web browser's JavaScript setting is disabled (our website will tell you, if true), then please consult this external link as it will instruct you on how to enable JavaScript. Please keep in mind some web browser products may refer JavaScript as "ECMAScript" or "Active Scripting".

Other Web Browser settings

Other required web browser settings are detailed in the browser requirements document.

More questions?

Do you still have more questions after reading this document? If so, please consult our frequently asked questions document. You may also contact us.

Last updated: 2012 March 03